Emancipation Preparation - Rancho San Antonio

Emancipation Preparation


The primary goal of most residents at Rancho is to reunify with family. Rancho’s Aftercare staff provides assistance and support to boys prior to and after they leave the agency as they prepare to rejoin family. Some youth, however, find it necessary to prepare for independent living. Rancho meets the needs of these young men through:


  • Wellness and Sexual Health Curriculum
  • Job and Career Training
  • Preparation for Higher Education
  • ILP Equivalent Programing
  • Urban Survival
  • Leadership Training/Campus Forum
  • Employment/Work Experience
  • Graduated Skill Practice


Rancho San Antonio provides aftercare services to help youth and their families address trauma and multiple issues related to contemporary social problems.   From the day a youth enters our treatment center they are engaged in permanency planning (identifying a family or supportive adult that can provide a lifetime connection and place to return after stabilizing and gaining skills to support transition from placement into a homelike setting). Research shows that residential treatment without follow-up services is not as effective as residential treatment that includes aftercare. 


The Rancho San Antonio Aftercare Program provides numerous services for the transition home upon a youth concluding placement. Upon completion of the program, aftercare follow-up services are offered for 6-12 months after a youth is discharged.  The face to face community-based contacts begin when youth return to their homes.  They are seen frequently throughout the month for family therapy and community linkage activities. Telephonic contacts are also available.  The program is funded by The Department of Mental Health. This program is dependent on client motivation.  Rancho supports a positive transition back into community and home life by offering educational support, employment assistance, family support, community referral resources, drug relapse prevention and medical services.  

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