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Creative Healing Arts Program

Heal And Be Heard

The Creative Healing Arts Program is part of Rancho’s diverse trauma informed experiential programming. The motto of Creative Healing Arts is “Heal and Be Heard.” Projects are developed through collaboration between staff and youth and are designed to develop youth’s abilities to join the workforce and promote access and opportunity to various parts of the studio art industry.

The studio is used to address trauma, promote skill development, project completion, and creative expression.

A Powerful Experience

Youth develop presentational skills, increase capacity to express emotions and heal from adverse life experiences while telling a story and increasing competencies. The program also promotes access and opportunity to various parts of the music industry, performing, legal, technical, audio skills, video skills, editing, mixing, storytelling, etc.

In addition to workforce skills training, this program provides professional assistance to help create songs, poetry, performances, and productions, the youth can share with their family, and community helping to foster positive memories of being heard and healing. The process is powerful and breaks through barriers. Youth do not have to be defined by their trauma.

The work is restorative and helps youth to take responsibility for actions, understand harm they have caused, gives them opportunity to redeem themselves, and discourages them to cause further harm. They emerge with hope and focus to use skills learned to engage in work and life successfully.
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Creative Arts and Healing Program

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Our Workshops

We aim to utilize the popularity and power of music to challenge thinking distortions, create coping mechanisms, build confidence, and teach new strategies to engage with music.

Music and messaging are aligned with positive values and are propelled by an emotional restitution process that disallows derogatory presentations of communities or persons. Programming may also include poetry workshops, learning to play an instrument, arts and crafts, painting, photography, drawing and learning skills related to the art they love.

Rancho is seeking partners for the Creative Healing Arts

Rancho is seeking partners for the Creative Healing Arts to donate equipment such as new cameras capable of professional photos, new music equipment, sound systems as well as ongoing support for development of a therapeutic creative expressions space.

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