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Giving to Rancho San Antonio

Your contribution supports the care and treatment of those we serve. In addition to Rancho’s general fund, Rancho has four specific programs that are supported almost 100% through fundraised dollars. It is only with your support that we can offer these services.

It is through giving that we are blessed and Rancho thanks you for blessing our efforts.


Rancho’s internal scholarship program aids youth with higher education costs, supplementing government grants and financial aid. Alumni can apply for one scholarship per semester with proof of tuition and passing grades. There is also an apprenticeship scholarship for trade school attendees.



Rancho encourages spiritual expression, catering to our diverse population’s faith practices. This fund supports on-site services, a non-denominational values workshop, a residential spiritual retreat, and external religious and cultural services as needed.


Creative Healing Arts

The Creative Healing Arts Program requests support for music/arts studio development, program expansion, and professional partnerships. Donations of state-of-the-art equipment like sound systems, software, cameras, and more are welcomed. Join the heal and be heard movement!


Transitional Age Youth Apartments

Since 1993, Rancho has fundraised to offer apartments for formerly system-involved youth and students at risk of homelessness. Support our mission to help young men thrive and secure a home while they work and/or go to school.


Aubree Sweeney


The first time I walked on Rancho’s campus, I felt like I arrived “home”. I see my many years in direct service as a privilege to be invited into the lives of youth that have endured so much. I value their strength and courage and there is no greater joy than witnessing Rancho save lives.

As the leader of Rancho, I strive to combine my years of experience and the passion and love for what I do, with the rich history of our organization. Surrounded by longstanding and dedicated team members, I am called to sustain Rancho’s mission long into the future while supporting new and innovative programming and remaining true to our roots. I am forever grateful for what Rancho has taught me about the human experience and I hope every client and staff member has the honor of saying the same.

Aubree Sweeney, LMFT

Brother John Crowe


As a Brother of the Holy Cross, a Catholic religious community, I have dedicated my entire life in service to communities in Austin, Texas, Notre Dame, Indiana, New Orleans, Louisiana, and Chatsworth, California.

My many years at Rancho San Antonio have given me the opportunity to be a father figure to thousands of boys and their families. I believe I have more to share and hope for good health in the years to come. I believe I am the luckiest man alive with my family at Rancho and with good health, plan to continue providing hope.

Those who enter the Rancho San Antonio Campus are impressed by the peace and tranquility of the encounter for those entrusted in our care. It is our mission to provide them with trust & hope as they take the risk to change and grow while they are with us in the Rancho life experience.

Bro. John Crowe, CSC

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