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A WAY OUT : Troubled, Delinquent Kids Find a Second Chance on Courts of Last Resort at Detention Centers Like Rancho San Antonio

Before Theo became the most tenacious defensive player on an undefeated basketball team, he was stealing televisions, not passes. By the time he was in his early teens, he had a police record for burglarizing homes in residential neighborhoods. At 16, after being caught once again, he was sent to Juvenile Hall in Sylmar. It seemed as if he was just another bad kid on a one-way trip to nowhere.

But on the road to oblivion, Theo was lucky enough to make a stop at Rancho San Antonio, an open-setting correctional facility in Chatsworth that transforms a lot of bad boys into good boys.

Placed there by the courts nine months ago, Theo turned his life around. You could say he found himself on the basketball court.